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Wedding Ceremony Information

Virtual Wedding Ceremonies during COVID-19

The Island County Superior Court Judges are performing virtual wedding ceremonies through StarLeaf. Wedding Ceremonies are scheduled Monday through Friday at 4:30 pm, based on the judges' availability. Please call Court Administration at (360)679-7361 to schedule your ceremony.

Court Administration will need the following information for scheduling:

  • First and Last names of the Bride and Groom
  • Email address to receive the virtual invitation. This invite can be forwarded to family and friends so they can enjoy the ceremony virtually.
  • Requested Date of Wedding

The Bride, Groom and two witnesses (over the age of 18) need to be at the same location during the ceremony. The Judge must witness all parties signing the marriage documents. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SIGNED IN BLACK INK.

**The next business day following the ceremony, you must return all documents with $50 exact cash to Court Administration for the completion of your marriage.** 

Wedding Ceremony Schedule.png

The above example shows you how to use join a StarLeaf meeting from the invite:

  1. Open your StarLeaf invite from your email.
  2. Click “More ways to join your meeting” link in the invite text.
  3. Select how you would like to join.
  4.  Enter your name.
  5. Use the controls on this screen to configure your microphone and camera settings if you need to.
  6. Click “Join now” to enter the meeting.

If you would like one of our Superior Court Judges to conduct your wedding ceremony, please contact Superior Court Administration at 360-679-7361.

The Superior Court Judges are available to conduct wedding ceremonies Monday through Friday at 4:30pm in the Law and Justice Center in Coupeville, WA by appointment only. There is a $50 fee (cash only -- no checks, debit, or credit cards) for the ceremony and you must have two adult witnesses, as well as a valid marriage license.

Courtroom Conduct and Dress Code.pdf