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The Island County Treasurer Office is now accepting applications for the AutoPay program. This service is provided at no cost* to you!​​

*Standard fees may apply, depending on your financial institution's policies.​

To Apply:

Start by completing the Auto-Pay Enrollment form through the link in the left column. Make sure the form is completely filled out in black or blue ink with legible printing.


Or, if you choose to pay the full year, this will all be done on April 25. If these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, the transaction will be done the next business day.

Completed forms must be in our office no later than March 15 for the first half tax payment, and September 15 for the second half. After these dates there is no guarantee that your account can be set up to make your payment by the due date.

Please Note:​​

  • Some bank accounts do not allow debit or ACH transactions for the  withdrawal of property tax payments.  It is your responsibility to verify with your financial institution that your account will allow the withdrawal transaction to be completed. 
  • The Auto-Pay method will remain in effect until the proper canceling documentation is filed, no less than 30 days before the next due date.​
  • All changes to an AutoPay enrollment must be done in writing.


You will still receive a physical property tax statement mailed to you once a year. This statement will be for your records. Starting in 2018, the statement will indicate that you are enlisted in the program.  To confirm your AutoPay status please contact our office.


Disclaimer: The Auto-Pay system is solely based on the information provided by taxpayer to this office. We are not responsible for returned payments due to, but not limited to, incorrect account numbers, nonsufficient funds, closed accounts, etc. Please double check all forms for accuracy. Notify us for any discrepancies. The taxpayer is responsible for routinely checking their property tax account(s) for delinquencies and adjustments. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to assure funds have been withdrawn and applied to the correct property account. The taxpayer must notify our office within 10 (ten) days of any discrepancies. The Treasurer’s office reserves the right to cancel any programs without prior notice. Your information is private and will not be released without your permission.

By completing the enrollment form you are accepting our terms and conditions.


How do I become enrolled in the program?

Start by completing the enrollment form here. If you have questions regarding the form please call (360) 679-7302 and a deputy will assist you.

When will my money be taken out of my account?

On your enrollment form you can choose whether to have your taxes paid in two halves or the full year. If you chose the halves your account will be debited on April 25th and October 25st of the current year; if those dates fall on a weekend or holiday, it will be withdrawn the next business day. If you choose the full year, your account will be debited on April the 25th for your entire current year tax amount.

Can I be sent a reminder?

Island County has an email bulletin service, which can provide you with a reminder that your tax payment withdrawal is imminent.  The email will be sent approximately one week prior to the withdrawal date. 

Click HERE to start the process by providing your email address and click "Submit."  When the list of County topics appears, scroll to "Treasurer" at the bottom of the list in alphabetical order.  Under "Treasurer", select  "Auto-Pay Property Tax Withdrawal Reminder" and any other topics of interest.  You must sign up for this service to receive the reminder - no other notification will be sent.

How do I add properties into my Auto-Pay program?

Please complete a new enrollment form with the updated information. For more info click here.

How do I change the bank account from which my taxes are debited?

Please complete a new enrollment form with the updated information. For more info click h​ere.

How do I cancel my Auto-Pay contract?

Please complete a “Cancel Request” form and send it to the Treasurer’s office. That form can be found here.

I forgot to put money in my account before it was debited, what will happen?

If your financial institution does not honor the payment, your property tax account will accrue a $40 service fee as well as any penalty and interest that may accrue per state statute. In addition, your Auto-Pay contract will be canceled.

When is the latest time of year I can enroll in the program?

To meet the next payment date, enrollments form must be in our office no later than March 15th for the first half payment and September 15th for the second half payment.

My account has prior year delinquent tax balances, either due to missed payments or adjustments made. Will the entire balance be collected through Auto-Pay on the account payment date?

Yes. It is the taxpayer's responsibility to be aware of the tax account's balance due, including taxes for any previous years' delinquencies. The taxpayer is responsible for routinely checking the property tax account(s) for discrepancies.​