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Island County > Treasurer > Personal Property Taxes


​What is Personal Property​?

Personal property pertains to commercial, industrial, or agricultural enterprises, as well as mobile homes. Personal property's primary characteristic is "mobility." Examples include but are not limited to machinery, furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Even though you may have paid sales tax on your equipment or pay Business & Operation tax to the State does not mean you are exempt from the Personal Property tax. The video above goes into further depth to see if you owe "Use" tax.
For more information; links to forms and resources visit the Personal Property page on the Assessor's website.  

If I Rent my Office/Space, Why do I Need to Pay Property Tax?

​Personal Property has nothing to do with the real property you are occupying. It deals with the business equipment that is in your or your business' name.

How does the County know what Personal Property I Have?

Every business in Island County MUST complete a personal property listing by April 30 each year. This affidavit​ must be filed with the Island County Assessor's office. If no filing is provided, the Assessor's Office will make an estimation based on the type of business. This estimated value will be used until the business owner has provided an updated listing.​

The taxes are based on assessment value as of January 1 of the previous year. For example, the values included on a rendition as of January 1 and filed in April of 2018 will determine the 2019 taxes.

Paying your Personal Property Tax:

First half taxes are due by April 30. If the total tax for the year is less than $50, the entire amount must be paid by April 30. If not, the second half will be due October 31st.  If the April 30 payment is not made by the deadline, on May 1 the total amount of the tax is delinquent and becomes due in full for the year.  The property also becomes subject to distraint.

On May 1, an interest charge of 1% per month will be added to the account until payment is made. If still unpaid by June 1, a 3% penalty is added, and an additional 8% penalty on December 1st. Interest and penalty owed is calculated on the entire amount due for the year (RCW 84.60.040). Also, by law, the Treasurer's office will add a Distraint and Sale fee of $45 in June and $45 in December if the taxes are unpaid. After the first payment is missed we will begin the collection process of bringing your property or equipment to auction.

​When paying any delinquent tax after the due date (calculation date), contact the Treasurer's office (360-679-7302) for the correct interest and penalty due.  Note: Delinquent payments received that are not for the correct amount will be returned.


If taxes remain unpaid the Treasurer's office will take all steps necessary to collect this debt. This includes but is not limited to seizing business assets and selling them at a Sheriff's Auction. Any costs incurred in this process will be added to the total amount due to redeem the property.​

Advanced Tax:

Per RCW 84.56.090, when personal property is sold, dissipated, or liquidated, the County Treasurer is required to collect the following year's tax, which is paid in advance at the time of the sale.

if your business is open on January 1st of 2018, your 2019 property taxes are due and payable. The 2019 tax is based on the 2018 assessment.

​Sale or transfer of the property does NOT affect the tax lien. Taxes follow the property, so taxes WILL NOT be removed for the new owner.

​Please contact the Assessor's Office at 360-678-7854 to inform them of a business that is closing or being sold.