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Affidavit Processing Hours:

8am to 3pm

Please note that it can take 10-20 minutes per document to process an excise transaction. Our office currently operates on a first come, first served basis so please check with a Staff Member regarding the wait times.​​​​


For Title Companies, Lawyers, etc.:​

Island County is now accepting online transactions through Simplifile and CSCGlobal, which allow electronic processing of the excise tax affidavit by the Treasurer's Office, and electronic recording by the Island County Auditor's Office.  Please contact us if your business has any questions about the eREET process or how to sign-up.  In the meantime, excise transactions may also be processed in person or by mail through the Treasurer's office.​ Individuals wishing to process eREET transactions will not have access to this service at this time due to vendor guidelines.


Any time real property or a mobile home changes hands an affidavit completed through the Treasurer's office is required. A Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit, along with a conveyance document (deed), must be presented to the Treasurer's office for processing and collection of tax or fees due within 30 days of the sale/dated document. This is done prior to presenting that conveyance document to the Auditor's office for recording. The excise tax due will be 1.78% of the property sale price plus a $5.00 transaction processing fee. 

Each Real Estate Excise Tax transaction processed by the Treasurer's Office is sent to and reviewed by the Washington Department of Revenue. The DOR will contact you directly if any questions or discrepancies are found by their office.

​Forms Needed to Process a R​EAL ESTATE EXCISE TAX Transaction:

Real Property Affidavit

Real Property Affidavit Instructions

Supplement - Exempt Transactions

Mobile/Manufactured​ Ho​mes

Affidavit (Lack of Probate)


Other Helpful Information:

​​RCW on Deeds of Conveyences

WA State Bar Association​

D.O.R. Excise Tax Page

Real Estate Excise Tax Audit Process




A transfer may be exempt from paying the real estate excise tax, but the proper Washington Administrative Code (WAC) must be cited on the affidavit.  A minimum fee of $10 will be charged on every affidavit presented to the Treasurer's office.

To access these Washington State Statutes, Click Here​.

Please select the WAC code that most closely identifies with your situation and then by clicking on the individual links please read through the requirements and documentation required BEFORE submitting your affidavit(s).

You may be required to fill out the supplement affidavit (link above) to obtain the exemption.


Sold/Bought a Mobile/Manufactured Home?​​

Sending your signed title to the Department of Licensing will not change the ownership of the home. Every manufactered/mobile home sale must have the accompanying "Mobile Home Real Estate Tax Affidavit" completed along with the signed title, and brought to the Treasurer's office to pay the excise tax. All property taxes must be paid in full before the transfer can occur.​



360-678-7841  OR   ICTREET@CO.ISLAND.WA.US

We kindly request that you take a moment to to provide feedback regarding transactions handled by the Treasurer's office.


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