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"Guide to Understanding Your Property Tax Statement"​

If you have not received your tax statement by the third week in March, please contact the Treasurer's office. This may have occurred for any of the following reasons:

  • We do not have your current mailing address

  • Your statement may be in holding due to a pending tax adjustment that needs to be made prior to mailing the tax statement

  • Your statement was lost in the mail

Failure to receive a tax statement does not relieve you of the ​responsibility to make your tax payments by the due date and is not grounds for waiver of interest and penalties that accrue to delinquent accounts. Contact the Treasurer's Office for replacement statement(s) or to request tax amounts due.

You received a tax statement on property you sold. You may do one of the following:

  • Forward the statement to the purchaser

  • Return the statement to the Treasurer's or Assessor's office with a notation of the purchaser's name and address if you know it. The name and address will be corrected and re-mailed.

You lost your tax statement and would like to get a new one.

Request a new statement here or call us at 1-360-679-7302 extension 1.

To change your mailing address, physical address or name, you may:

  • Contact the Treasurer's office for an address change by email or you may use the Request for Address Change form and mail to us.

  • Any mailing address change must be submitted in writing to the Treasurer's office.

  • You must contact the Assessor's Office to request a name change. This must be accompanied by supporting legal documentation. Any name change will not affect your recorded deed.

  • ​​Contact the Assessor's Office to request a correction in the physical address of the property. They may need to get confirmation from the Planning Department or make a site visit to your property.

If you have paid off your mortgage you must contact the Treasurer's Office to notify us of this change and provide a correct mailing address for sending a tax statement. Your Mortgage Company or the Auditor's Office will not notify us of any changes.​