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Island County > Treasurer > Tax Title Sales


What is tax title property?

Property that is offered at a tax foreclosure sale which receives no acceptable bid, and is subsequently deeded to the County. These properties are "tax title" and are held in trust by the County.

Buying a tax title property:

If you are interested in sub​mitting a bid at a time outside of the auction, please contact the Collections Deputy

The minimum bid listed is the absolute minimum the Treasurer may accept for sale of any tax title properties, by statute. The Treasurer cannot accept offers below this amount.  Please refer to RCW 36.35.150 for additional information.


Island County does not guarantee or provide any warranty whatsoever on parcels sold as Tax Title. The County conveys the entirety of the interest that it may legally transfer unless otherwise noted.

Treasurer’s Deeds DO NOT warrant clear title. It is strongly recommended that the buyer view the property and make additional inquiries about concerns or questions that may arise. Current available properties are posted below.

​Who do I contact for further information?

For further information regarding the application process and any associated fees, contact: Collections Deputy.

Current Tax Title Properties Available:

​None at this time