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Public Record Request

It is the County's duty to the public to maintain an open and transparent operation of local government. In conjunction with the "Public Record Act", RCW 42.56, each individual department is to maintain adequate records of any documents created or maintained under the department's name. In Island County there is no centralized public records department.

​​​What are you looking for?


Property Tax Records

​Treasurer's Office

​Assessed Value Records

​Assessor's Office

​Recorded Deed on a P​roperty

​Auditor's Office​​

​Processed Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit

Treasurer's Office​

​Foreclosure Docu​​ments (e.g. Certificate of Delinquency, Surplus Funds, etc.)

​Treasurer's Office

​Boundary Lines, Maps, and Legal Descriptions

​​Assessor's Office or Planning Office

Public Records contact information for other departments can be found HERE.


Submitting a Request to the Treasurer's Office:

Please fully complete the forms found here:​

The Treasurer's office is required to respond within 5 days of your request, acknowledging that we have received it and giving you an estimated time to fufill the request.

You can fax, mail, or email your request to the following locations:

By Mail:

Island County Treasurer

Attn: Public Records Officer

PO BOX 699

Coupeville WA 98239-0699​

We strongly suggest using a tracking service or certified mail


Fax Number:

(360) 240-5567​




​All requests accompanied by an e-mail address will be confirmed via email.


Associated Fe​​​es (must be paid before records are delivered):

  • ​​​$0.15 per copied page
  • Items larger than 8 1/2" x 14" are priced per page ($0.25) as well as $0.25 per minute of time spent by employees
  • Any materials required to transfer documents: (e.g. Diskettes, folders, etc.) are billed at cost plus $0.25 per minute of time spent by employees
  • All associated postage
Any items that can be emailed will most likely be exempt from fees.  Please check with the public records officer to verify any associated costs.​​​

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