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Island County > American Rescue Plan Act > ARPA - Community Service Grants

American Rescue Plan Act 

Island County ARPA Program - Community Service Grants

The grants are now closed. Thank you for the many applications.

*Update*  The Community Service Grant list has been finalized. The BOCC approved the final list on January 11, 2022. You can view the list HERE.

The Island County Commissioners have allocated funding for Community Service grants. The Commissioners priorities are that these funds will be distributed and serve Island County residents. These are the primary areas of focus for the community:

  •         Senior and Veteran's Services
    • Modernizing and expanding services
    • Improving interior spaces for safely serving more seniors
    • Retention and recruitement pay
    • COVID-19 mitigation, barriers and PPE
  •         Childcare and Child Development
      • Expanding facilities to safely serve a greater population
      • Training new employees and continuing education
      • COVID-19 mitigation, barriers and PPE
      • Technical assistance to improve or expand services
      • Retention and recruitment pay
      • Offset wage revenue impacts
    • Home visits
      • Support
      • Training
      • Child development and health need
    • Services for child welfare, family and foster care
      • Support and coping skills training
      • Positive parenting skills training
      • Mental health support
  •         Youth Support
    • New and expanded services to aid in:
      • Academic
      • Social
      • Emotional and mental health
    • Life skills training
    • Job training and mentorship programs
    • Family and foster family/child support programs
    • Retention and recreuitment pay
  •         Physical oDevelopmental Disability Support
    • Home and telehealth visits
      • Providing support
      • Mental and emotional health wellness
      • Health needs
    • Expanded services for greater outreach
    • Updating business models for the future
    • Coping skills and mental health outreach for families
    • Retention and recruitment pay
    • Training
      • For the disabled persons
      • For families to provide improved care
  •         Service Organizations that support those services
    • Open to service organizations that provide support in the areas of focus for the community grant program.

For more information contact Liz Chaffin:

LC.Chaffin@islandcountywa.gov or 360-679-7397

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