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Island County > Facilities Management
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Facilities Management

Ryan Beach, Director

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assure that we are doing the best job possible to provide a safe & friendly environment for County business t​o be conducted.​

About the Facilities Management Department

Facilities Management is an internal support department which provides management for Island County government buildings, including those located on Camano Island. The Jail & Juvenile Detention Facilities are round the clock, 24 / 7 facilities. All totaled, we service over 185,000 square feet of space.

Facilities M​anagement is organized into the following divisions:

  • Administration - The Administration Division provides for future planning, daily operational and management support for the department. Its core functions provide for efficient and cost effective measures of maintaining the county owned administrative buildings.  To learn more about some of our current projects:       

  • Facilities Maintenance - This division covers a large area of responsibilities including efficient HVAC operations, electrical distribution, fire and life safety apparatus, detention equipment and security controls maintenance, monitoring and conservation of utility consumption, emergency needs and future planning. “Facilities Maintenance fixes what is broken and keeps running what is not broken. If you have leaks, squeaks, breaks, or strange noises coming from closets and rooftops, Facilities Maintenance will respond.”
  • Custodial Services - They maintain a clean and sanitary environment for the campus community and visitors, but their work is about more than just cleaning—it’s about the health of our community, the safety of our visitors, and the sense of pride on our campus.

Other services provided by the Facilities Management​ include:

  • ACCESS CONTROL – provide building and office keys to County employees & volunteers, per Island County Code 1.32

  • MEETING ROOM MANAGEMENT – schedule County meeting rooms, including the Commissioner’s Hearing Room, per Island County Code 1.24

  • PURCHASING – of maintenance related supplies, equipment and contracted services per Public Works bidding requirements outlined in the RCWs.

To report a facilities problem in​ your building, to schedule a meeting room or to get general information about facilities, please contact Facilities Management.​​

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