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Island County > Planning > Geologic Hazards

What are Geologically Hazardous Areas?

Geologically Hazardous Areas are areas that, due to their susceptibility to erosion, sliding, earthquake, or other geological events, may expose development to risks that are inconsistent with the protection of public health and safety. These include landslide hazard and seismic hazards areas.

Landslide hazard areas are those areas throughout the County where there is potential for slope failure due to a combination of factors. These include any areas, especially bluffs and other areas along shorelines, that are susceptible to landslides because of any combination of bedrock, soil, slope, slope aspect, structure, hydrology, or other physical factors.

Seismic hazard areas are areas that are subject to a severe risk of earthquake damage as a result of seismically induced ground shaking, differential settlement, or soil liquefaction. These include areas where there are surface deposits of man-made fill or partially decomposed organic materials at least 5-feet deep and other areas subject to liquefaction.

For more information regarding Geologically Hazardous Areas, check out the following Development Information Bulletins(DIB's)

Is your property located in a Geologically Hazardous Area? To find out, click on this link to the Getting Started with Critical Areas page to view our Critical Area Maps.