Recording Department

Official public records of all real estate documents, deeds and titles transacted in Island County are maintained and indexed in the Auditor's Recording Department. This department is also the repository for the official minutes of all Board of County Commissioners' meetings and other official county records. We maintain historical documents dating to 1853, when Island County was formed.

Recordings are processed 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday on days when county offices are open.

Why record a document?

Recording a document makes the document or transaction part of the public record. In the case of real estate transactions, this information may be used by title companies in their reports to potential buyers of property.

Other legal relationships become public record: marriages, mortgages, liens, oaths of office and appointments to commissions.

The Recording Process

  1. A document brought to the Auditor's Office to record is assigned an Auditor's file number. The date and time of recording are stamped onto the document.
  2. If the recording is related to real estate, there is a review to see if any excise taxes are due. The recording is checked for correct formatting and then scanned.
  3. After scanning, the document is indexed in order to facilitate retrieval. A record of the names of the grantor and grantee and the date of recording are used for indexing.
  4. When the scanning is complete and checked for quality, the document recorded is returned to the person who brought it in, or the person specified by them.

Recording Fee Schedule 

We understand that any delay in recording documents has significant impacts to businesses and our shared customers. We strongly encourage you to contact us with any questions or to verify the recording fee prior to submitting your documents. Recording staff can be reached 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday at 360-240-5549.

Recording Fees

Recording fees are set by the Washington State Legislature and established as to distribution in statute. The small portion of revenue from recording retained by Island County goes into the General Fund and Auditor's O&M for records preservation and equipment replacement. 

Standard Fee:

  • First Page: $203.50
  • Each Additional Page: $1

Deed of Trust:

  • First Page: $204.50
  • Each Additional Page: $1

Exceptions to First Page Normal Fee:

  • Federal Liens and Releases: $16
  • Assignment of Deed of Trust: $18
  • Resignation & Appointment of Successor Trustee: $18
  • Appointment of Trustee and Substitution of Trustee: $18
  • Wage Liens & Releases: $18
  • Water-Sewer District Liens & Releases: $18
  • Employment Security Liens & Releases: $36
  • Birth/Death Certificates: $39
  • Marriage Dissolution Decree: $39
  • State, County & City Liens & Releases: $39
  • Each Additional Page to any of these documents: $1

Non-Standard Documents:

Signed Coversheet required and $50 fee in addition to normal recording fees.

Boundary Line Adjustments:

  • First Page: $267.50
  • Each Additional Page: $1

Plats - Surveys - Short Plats - Condo - BSP:

  • First Page: $287.50
  • Each Additional Page: $5

County Issued Licenses

  • Marriage License: $60
  • Process Server: $10

Copy Requests and Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Certified Copy, First Page: $3
  • Regular Copy, First Page: $1
  • Each Additional Page: $1

Washington State RCW 36, RCW 40, RCW 58, WAC 332-150-130

Documents Subject to Housing Surcharge

Documents Not Recorded

The Auditor is frequently presented with a request to record documents which should rightfully be filed elsewhere. The following shows where many of these documents properly belong, as well as a reminder that some of the mentioned documents are not to be recorded. The federal or state law is cited where applicable. 


Proper Place RCW Reference
Abstract of Judgment (Garnishment of Wages of Record upon demand - Public Employee)

County Clerk (see garnishment ​of wages)


Acceptance by Political Corporation

Recordable if attached to conveyance


Abandonment of Fictitious Business Names

County Clerk

Affidavit of Completion - City Name Change

Elections, Secretary of State

Affidavit of Right



Agreement - Hazardous Waste

Department of Ecology and/or Health Department

Agreement of Merger - National Banks

Alcoholic Beverage License Notice of Intended Transfer

Business License, City or County

Alcoholic Beverage License

Annexation - City Certificate of Completion

Elections 35.13

Annexation - Declaration of Final Ordinance

Elections 35.13

Articles of Incorporation - Business Associations

Secretary of State


Articles of Merger

Secretary of State


Bond, Stop Notice

Person served with Stop Notice

Bonded Stop Notice

Construction Lender

Bond - Payment (Public Works)

Contracting public entity

Brand Names

Secretary of State 19.77

Brand (Animal)

State Director of Agriculture

Certificate of Limited Partnership

County Clerk, Secretary of State


Chattel Mortgage

Department of Licensing, UCC Division


Citizenship/Naturalization Papers

Illegal to record or copy

8 U.S.C. 132A

Conditional Sales Contract

Department of Licensing, UCC Division


Copyrights (literature)

Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress

Copyrights (music)

Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress

Docked Horses

County Clerk

Fictitious Business Name

County Clerk

Garnishment of Wages (Public Employees) Controller, Auditor (Payroll) or other disbursing officer


Notice of Exemption (Environmental Impact Statement)

County Clerk  

Commissioners of Patents, Washington DC

Payment Bond (Public Works)

Contracting Public Entity

Power of Attorney for Corporate Surety Bonds

County Clerk

Preliminary Notice

Property Owner or Original Contractor & Construction Lender


Request for Reconveyance​



Secretary of State




Alien Registration


8 U.S.C. 132A

United States Certificate of Citizenship


8 U.S.C. 132A

United States Currency