Paying Property Taxes

Pay by Mail

Return your tax payment coupon(s) along with your check made payable to the Island County Treasurer. We cannot accept post-dated checks, cash or credit card numbers through the mail. 

Be sure that the postmark on your envelope is on or before the due date to avoid incurring interest and/or penalty. If you want a receipt, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope or request one be emailed to you. 

Mail Payment to the Following Address

  • Island County Treasurer, P.O. Box 699, Coupeville, WA 98239-0699

Pay in Person

Visit the Treasurer's office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (Coupeville) or 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (Camano Administration Building). For locations, see Contact Us.

We accept all forms of payments in person, including: personal checks, money orders, bank/cashier's checks, U.S. currency, and credit/debit cards (fees may apply).

Drop Boxes

After hours, you may drop your payment in the secure drop box located behind the Administration Building off 6th Street in Coupeville. Park in the customer parking lot and you will find the drop box next to the glass door. During the months of April and October you may also place your payment in the inside drop box during our regular office hours.

The Camano Administration Building drop box is located to the left of the main door.

Drop boxes are provided for your convenience after hours. However, we encourage paying at the counter to receive a receipt for your payment.

Do not put cash in drop boxes.

Online Credit Card or E-Check Payments

Island County accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and electronic checks.

Pay online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from your United States bank checking account with E-check or with your credit card. There is no fee assessed for e-check payments. Credit cards are assessed a fee equal to 2.4% of the total amount paid. Visa debit has flat fee of $3.95 per transaction, assessed by the agency processing the payments and are not paid to Island County. Download instructions here for paying property tax online.

When paying online, have your property account number ready. Your account 'Property ID' number is located on your tax statement at the top and on each payment coupon. Have your credit card or a copy of a check ready. Partial payments will not be processed and will result in your payment being returned.

If your payment is refused by the bank, a $20 returned item fee will be added to your property tax account. From that point forward only a cashier's check, money order, or cash will be accepted for the balance due.

Online payments are not available for those properties in foreclosure. If your parcel is included in this year's foreclosure proceedings, contact the Treasurer's Office for the correct amount due.

Pay your Property Taxes Online

Pay by Telephone

If you wish to pay by telephone, you can call the International Voice Recognition Line (IVR) 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The toll free number is 1-866-874-2060. You will need your Property ID number to proceed. 

Paying Under Protest 

To preserve your right to seek a court-ordered refund, you must comply with RCW 84.68.020 and WAC 458.18.215. Learn more about Paying Under Protest. Partial payments are applied, subject to continuing penalty and interest, according to the statutes, until paid in full.


The Treasurer's office has made available a program that automatically withdraws your property tax payment from your U.S. checking or savings account on the pre-determined date via an ACH transaction. Learn more about the AutoPay program. Include a voided check with your enrollment form. There is no cost to use this program.

The Island County Treasurer's Office does not accept enrollment applications in the AutoPay Program after  May 15th. for the April 30th payment and after September 15th for the October 31st due date . This service is available at no cost* to you.

* Standard fees may apply, depending on your financial institution's policies.

Payments are Withdrawn April 25 and Oct. 25

Or, if you choose to pay for the full year at once, this payment will all be withdrawn on April 25. If these dates fall on a holiday or weekend, the transaction will be done the next business day. Completed forms must delivered to the Treasurer's Office no later than March 15 for the first half tax payment, and Sept. 15 for the second half. After these dates there is no guarantee that your account will be set up to make your payment by the due date. Cancellation of the Auto Pay program or changes to bank account information MUST be submitted by April 10 and Oct. 10.

Please Note

  • Some bank accounts do not allow debit or ACH transactions for the  withdrawal of property tax payments. It is your responsibility to verify with your financial institution that your account will allow the withdrawal transaction to be completed.
  • The AutoPay method will remain in effect until the proper canceling documentation is filed, no less than 15 days before the next due date.
  • All changes to an AutoPay enrollment must be done in writing.

You will continue tol receive a physical property tax statement in the mail once a year. This statement is for your records. The statement will indicate if you are enlisted in AutoPay. To confirm your AutoPay status, contact our office.

Disclaimer: The AutoPay system is solely based on the information provided by taxpayer to this office. We are not responsible for returned payments due to, but not limited to, incorrect account numbers, nonsufficient funds, closed accounts, etc. Please review all forms for accuracy. Notify us for any discrepancies. The taxpayer is responsible for routinely checking their property tax account(s) for delinquencies and adjustments. It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to assure funds have been withdrawn and applied to the correct property account. The taxpayer must notify our office within 10 (ten) days of any discrepancies. The Treasurer’s Office reserves the right to cancel any programs without prior notice. Your information is private and will not be released without your permission. By completing the enrollment form you are accepting our terms and conditions.

Canadian, International Taxpayers 

Canadian and international taxpayers must pay property taxes in U.S. dollars only. Island County does not accept the following types of tender for online payments:

  • Real Estate Line of Credit (RELOC) checks
  • Convenience checks drawn on credit card accounts
  • Home equity line of credit checks
  • Travelers' checks and money orders
  • Cashier's checks and treasurer's checks

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