Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization

The Island Regional Transportation Planning Organization (IRTPO), founded in 2016, carries out joint transportation planning efforts by Island County, cities, ports, Island Transit, major employers and the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT).

IRTPO Structure & Function 

The Island RTPO is comprised of a decision-making body and two advisory committees. The structure and function of each are as follows:

Executive Board - The board is responsible for policy decisions and funding allocations. The board consists of representatives of each voting jurisdiction as well as one non-voting  member and three ex-officio non-voting members.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) - This committee considers proposed regional transportation policy, recommends grant awards and discusses regional transportation issues. The committee is comprised of agency staff from voting jurisdictions, staff representing non-voting Executive Board members, and also includes three citizen representatives.

Transportation Equity Committee - This committee identifies challenges facing individuals with special transportation needs. The committee considers opportunities for providing transportation options to elderly, youth, disabled, low income, veteran and other special transportation needs populations. Committee members are stakeholders and professionals representing a variety of human services backgrounds. This committee actively seeks public input, especially from individuals of affected populations.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and minutes are available for download. 

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