Budget & Risk Management

Budget Management

The Budget Management responsibilities of Budget & Risk Management is to oversee development, presentation, publication and website maintenance of Island County's budget. The Budget Manager also provides financial forecasting and reporting to ensure that the Board of Island County Commissioners has access to timely and accurate information for the decision-making process. 

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Developing/guiding budget policies and procedures with respect to the annual budget in coordination with the Board of County Commissioners or County Administrator. 
  • Stages conversations between members of the Board of Commissioners regarding the budget, including clearly framing policy choices.
  • Guides the Board of Commissioners on all issues related to the budget and outcomes. Provides recommendations as needed to assure sufficient revenue to fund future plans. Provides a public document that articulates the budget as it relates to board policy priorities and directives.
  • Provides the board with informed financial forecasts, including tracking sales tax revenue and ensuring accurate credit to Island County. Keeps the board apprised on current and future-focused financial realities, including budgetary reporting to the board as directed. Manages long-range financial goals.
  • Provides guidance and information to Island County department heads and elected officials to aid in the creation of department budgets, including eligible and ineligible uses of funds, financial policy adherence and strategic direction from the board.

See the 2023 Island County Budget as well as budgets for previous years and other information.

Risk Management

Risk Management is the process of identifying and assessing potential dangers that pose the risk of having an adverse effect on our community and constituents. Once hazardous risks are identified, mitigation techniques are utilized to reduce the negative impact of an emergency situation. In order to accomplish this.

Risk Management responsibilities include:

  • Administering the liability and property insurance programs
  • Claims administration
  • Loss control programs including contract review 
  • Managing the Safety and Accident Prevention program

Filing a Tort Claim

  • Download this form to file a Tort Claim with Island County . 

For more information, contact Risk Management at 360-679-7373.