Marian Myszkowski


Ms. Myszkowski is a creative, self-starter with over 25 years of leadership experience managing programs, fundraising, communications, and special events in nonprofit organizations. Ms. Myszkowski brings a solid knowledge of our local food system and serve on the Agriculture Resources Committee for Island County, with a mission to "advocate, educate, and build connections to support Island County’s farmers, ranchers, food processors, and other agricultural entities." Through her position at Goosefoot, she serves as a project manager for a shared, incubator commercial kitchen that will help generate new and expanded value added food business on Whidbey. As such, Ms. Myszkowski is “quite familiar with food processing safety regulations (cottage foods vs. WSDA food processing vs. local county responsibility) and believes that food safety must come first.” Ms. Myszkowski’s vision for a heathier future for Island County is “A resilient, local food system--providing a variety of healthy, locally grown and processed food that's available year-round-- is crucial to food security, especially for a rural island[s] like Whidbey [and Camano].”


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