Inmate Funds

Inmates housed in the Island County Jail are permitted to hold money on their inmate account. This money can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to purchase items off of the commissary list. When an inmate is released from custody any money remaining on their account is returned to them.

Anyone can place funds in an inmate account. It is preferred that a certified check or money order be used as this will speed up the process of making the funds available to the inmate. Any checks, money orders etc. should be made payable to the Island County Inmate Trust acct FBO (Inmates name). The jail will accept certified checks, money orders, and money. It is recommended that certified funds be mailed and that the reference line on the check indicate the inmate name and inmate number. Funds can be delivered to the Jail during visiting sessions. You may leave those funds with the main control deputy at the conclusion of your visit. You will be provided a receipt for those funds so that you may retain a record.

Personal checks will not be placed on the inmate account. Any personal check received will be placed directly into the inmates property box. Upon release the inmate will receive that item.

Inmate Commissary

The Island County Jail offers family and friends an easy way to send commissary items to inmates housed in the jail. Trinity Services SECUREPAK is a safe and reliable way to send food items, hygiene items, writing materials and other permitted common use items to be people housed in the jail. Click the link above, or look up Access Securepak by Trinity Services Group.