Technology in Courtrooms

The following is a list of technological devices available in the courtrooms for trials and special set hearings.  These devices are not available on the Law & Motion calendar.  Please contact Superior Court Administration Staff if you intend to use any device for trial at least ½ hour before the trial or before the equipment is to be used in the courtroom.

  1. ClickShare: This technology allows the casting of documents and photos from the presenter's own laptop to the display monitors located throughout the courtroom. 

  2. Zoom: This video conferencing technology allows approved witnesses to give testimony from a location outside the courtroom.  This system is also used for criminal in-custody matters where the inmate can appear before the judge from a secure location.   NOTE: Must have judge approval to use this technology in a trial.  Once approved, contact Court Administration for further instructions.

  3. Samsung High Resolution Digital Presenter SDP-900DXA: This new technology allows the display of reports, maps, and various evidence for trials.

  4. Canon Multimedia Projector LV7365: This technology can be used to display reports, maps, and various evidence for trials. The projector is compatible with the digital presenter or with a laptop supplied by counsel.

  5. Dry Erase Easel with paper alternative. This easel can also be used to display evidence boards.