Email/Electronic Filing

Can I file documents electronically?

Most new filings, pleadings and documents can be filed by email. 

NOTE:  Filings are to be sent only in PDF format. 

Do not use Adobe's Certify or Sign functions. We are unable to stamp or save certified or signed files with Island County Superior Court in accordance with GR 17, Washington Rules of Court.

An email copy shall constitute an original for all court purposes.  

Do not mail original document to the Clerk for filing.  

We do not conform copies of emailed filings.

What documents can I file electronically?

This service is approved for e-mail filing of most case filings, pleadings and documents.

EXCEPTION 1: New anti-harassment filings will not be accepted through e-filing. See the Civil Protection Order link for instructions on how to e-file a new anti-harassment filing. 

EXCEPTION 2: New domestic violence filings will not be accepted through e-filing. See the Civil Protection Order link for instructions on how to e-file a new domestic violence filing.

EXCEPTION 3: New will only or probate filings will not be accepted through e-filing. The original will must be filed with the Clerk's office and will not be accepted electronically.

What is the deadline for electronic filing?

Email filings and corresponding payment must be completely received by 4:00 p.m. or it will be stamped and filed the next business day.  

How do I file my documents electronically?

STEP 1: Download and complete the electronically fillable PDF form EMAIL FILING COVER SHEET FORM

STEP 2: Fill in the Filer information:

Select the current date.

If this is a new case select the box for "Yes".

Download the appropriate Case Information Cover Sheet for your new case:

Fill out this sheet completely and include it with your email filing.

If this is an existing case select the box for "No" and enter the appropriate cause number in the next field (example 23-2-00000-15).

Fill in the Case Caption (for example, "John Doe vs. Jane Doe" or "State of Washington vs John Smith").

Fill in all of the appropriate contact information. 

STEP 3: Filing description:

Email Filing Charge is auto-filled in.

Working Copies to Judge - If you want the Clerk's office to print and provide working copies to the Judge you will use the total page count from the Document List below at $0.25 per page and place that amount into the corresponding space.

Presentation Fee - If you are including proposed orders in your filing and you will not be present in the courtroom for your hearing; include the fee of $30.00 in the corresponding space for the Clerk to present your order(s).

Requesting Letter - If you are requesting Letters (for example, Letters of Guardianship or Letters of Testamentary) you can include the fee of $5.00 per letter in the corresponding space and pick up the letter(s) at the Clerk's office) the day after your case is heard. 

Select one menu.  Select an item from this dropdown menu for your filing.  If there is a fee associated with that menu item, place that fee in the corresponding space.  Following this step, your fees for this filing should be auto-calculated and totaled.

STEP 4: Document List:

List each document you are filing, one document per line.  Place the number of pages for each document in the corresponding space next to that document.  The form should calculate the total number of pages of all of your documents.

STEP 5: Payment: 

You will make your payment by credit or debit card through nCourt at  Use the case number or case option so the Clerk's office can correlate your payment to your filing.

STEP 6:  Email your documents:

Attach each of your documents as single PDF files within your email.  Email your documents to   

You must email the Email Filing Coversheet form (and appropriate Case information Cover Sheet for new case files) with your PDF documents(s). 

 Email and attachments are limited to 20 Megabytes in total size.  If you email is larger than 20 Megabytes it will not be received by our server.  If necessary, separate your filing into multiple filings; please be aware that separate fees apply and you will need to use a separate Email Filing Coversheet with each email filing.

Email filed documents will be processed similar as documents over the counter; however, documents and corresponding payments must be received (completely) no later than 4:00PM or they will be stamped and filed the next business day.  Please make sure your documents are sent in a timely manner.

Important filing note:  Due to the process we must use to digitally file stamp your document(s), both your filing and your payment must be (completely) received no later than 4:00 PM.  If it is not received by this deadline it will be stamped and filed the following business day.

Additionally, we will only process files received in PDF format.  Please do not submit "Certified" and/or "Signed" PDF files.  We cannot stamp them or save them.