Preparedness for Children

There are many ways to help your kids prepare for an emergency. It is important that everybody prepares for emergencies and disasters. Knowing what to expect and getting ready can make them a little less scary. is a great website to use for games and learning exercises for kids and teens. Involve your children in the planning process. You can use the resources below to incorporate some fun into the process.

Back To School Tips

  • Create an Out of Area Contact Card for your child to keep in their backpack. 
  • Make sure your child has an extra bottle of water in their bag. 
  • Determine a meeting location for your family in case of a disaster. Somewhere near your child's school. 
  • Practice Drop, Cover, and Hold with your children.
  • Practice walking or biking to school with them, remind them to use a sidewalk if it is available.

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Winter Weather

severe weather