Mobile Food Establishments

Mobile food establishments refer to operations that utilize a readily moveable design such as mobile food trucks, trailers, carts, and other portable units designed for the service of food. The distinguishing feature of mobile food establishments is that they are designed to remain mobile or transitory by design and they are not permanently built according to applicable building codes in a fixed location. Due to the mobile design of these establishments an approved commissary and/or servicing area is required to be used to support operations. Due to a lack of applicable building codes mobile food establishments may also be required to be inspected and permitted by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Please see the Guidance Manual below and Island County Food Code for additional information related to mobile food establishments.

 To begin the process of obtaining a permit please see the complete application packet below. The application packet includes instructions and examples.

Mobile Food Establishment Application Packet


Individual mobile food establishment documents and blank forms are located below. 

0.       Checklist

1.       Application

2.       Questionnaire

3.       Source and Menu

4.       Food Process Flows

5.       Plans and Photos (Sample)

6.       Equipment List

7.       Finish Schedule

8.       Itinerary and Operations

9.       Forms and Agreements

           a.       Commissary

           b.       Servicing Area

           c.       Visit Log

           d.       Restroom

10.   Water & Wastewater

11.   Cleaning Schedule

 E-mail with questions or to request a pre-application conference.