About the Program

Conservation Futures Funds are a useful tool for counties to preserve land of public interest for future generations and are encouraged to use some conservation futures as one tool for salmon preservation purposes. 

Island County's Comprehensive Plan identifies that unique or distinctive lands may be preserved in recognition of the irreplaceable character of such resources and of their importance to the quality of life of residents and visitors to Island County.  The Conservation Futures Program is an important source of funding to achieve those goals.  

The Conservation Futures Program is a competitive annual grant with proposed projects reviewed and ranked by a Citizens Advisory Board and County Staff. 

Organizations located within Island County eligible to apply for Conservation Futures Funds are Island County government, cities, towns, special purpose districts, non-profit nature conservancy organizations (as defined in RCW 84.34.250), and non-profit historic preservation organizations (as defined in RCW 64.04.130).