Housing Advisory Board

The Island County Housing Advisory Board is established by an Interlocal agreement between Island County and the Cities of Langley, Oak Harbor, and the Town of Coupeville for the purpose of assisting extremely low income, very low income and homeless housing programs throughout Island County funded from surcharges on recording documents established by the Washington State Legislature and collected by the Island County Auditor's Office.

The Housing Advisory Board reviews Requests for Proposals, Homeless Housing Plan updates and makes funding recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.  Additionally, the Board discusses housing issues in Island County from which priorities are established and target projects are identified.  Members of the Housing Advisory Board include representatives from Oak Harbor, Coupeville and Langley, property management, County government, housing agencies and the public.  

Meeting times vary. Call Emily Wildeman at 360-678-7804 or email her for next meeting time and location.

Housing Advisory Board Members

  • Brigid Reynolds
  • Carol Squire
  • Cathy Niiro
  • David Kuhl
  • Donna Keeler
  • Faith Wilder
  • Fe Mischo
  • Gary Wray
  • George Saul
  • Greg Easton
  • Jim Deanne
  • Lisa Clark
  • Meredith Penny
  • Patrick Hayes
  • Teri Anania
  • Todd Morrow