Treasurer's Report

As provided by RCW 36.29.022, upon the request of one or several units of local government that invest their money with the county under the provisions of RCW 36.29.020, the treasurer of that county may combine those units’ moneys for the purposes of investment.

As provided by RCW 36.29.020, whenever the funds of any municipal corporation which are not required for immediate expenditure are in the custody or control of the county treasurer, and the governing body of such municipal corporation has not taken any action pertaining to the investment of any such funds, the county finance committee shall direct the county treasurer, under the investment policy of the county finance committee, to invest, to the maximum prudent extent, such funds or any portion thereof in savings or time accounts in designated qualified public depositaries or in certificates, notes, or bonds of the United States, or other obligations of the United States or its agencies, or of any corporation wholly owned by the government of the United States, in bankers' acceptances purchased on the secondary market, in federal home loan bank notes and bonds, federal land bank bonds and federal national mortgage association notes, debentures and guaranteed certificates of participation, or the obligations of any other government sponsored corporation whose obligations are or may become eligible as collateral for advances to member banks as determined by the board of governors of the federal reserve system or deposit such funds or any portion thereof in investment deposits as defined in RCW 39.58.010 secured by collateral in accordance with the provisions of chapters 39.58 and 39.59 RCW: PROVIDED, That the county treasurer shall have the power to select the specific qualified financial institution in which the funds may be invested. The interest or other earnings from such investments or deposits shall be deposited in the current expense fund of the county and may be used for general county purposes.

 The investment or deposit and disposition of the interest or other earnings therefrom authorized by this paragraph shall not apply to such funds as may be prohibited by the state Constitution from being so invested or deposited.

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